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Lack of investment in mental health care over time can deteriorate your productivity and well being. It is important to make incremental investments to not only repair and renew for today's issues, but critically important for the next time when resilience needs to resurface again. It is so important and vital to make time for yourself!

You can't let it go

if you don't let it out!

Eye Movement
Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is an effective treatment for trauma.

EMDRIA Certified, we have
the proper tools,
techniques to heal emotional distress and trauma.


Dr. Leo Mora is licensed as an LMFT Supervisor (LMFT-S) in the State of Texas and can provide supervision to individuals who are seeking licensure as an MFT Associate.


Note: We are not taking interns who are still in school at this time.


Supervisor designation identifies for the MFT community those professionals who have met the requirements to provide MFT supervision.

Quality clinical supervision is founded on a positive supervisor–supervisee relationship that promotes client welfare and the professional development of the supervisee. Our goals for clinical supervision are to ensure quality client care while providing professional development in a systematic and planned manner.  


If you meet the qualifications in the guides above and have an interest in becoming an LMFT-A with Journeys Counseling and Consultation under Leo Mora, please contact us at 254-791-5614

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Emotional intelligence competencies are critical skills highly correlated with performance & wellbeing. We have the proper tools and techniques that can help you  understand and strengthen your personal strategies and integrate EI into leadership development.

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